Introduction to Feng Shui

January 15, 2018

Many people shy away from Feng Shui. After all, it sounds foreign, “out there,” and difficult to master.

But harnessing Feng Shui’s power has never been easier! With a few simple alterations to your home, you will be well on your way to wealth, spiritual growth, and overall happiness.

What exactly is Feng Shui?

According to Feng Shui, your home is a reservoir of energy. By changing your surroundings, you can change your life. So, at its most basic, Feng Shui is the practice of decorating your home to enhance your luck.

The study and mastery of Feng Shui can — and has — filled countless books and encyclopedias.

Luckily, BuddhaCube offers a quick introduction to the basics. Read on to discover how you can change your life today!


The Eight Areas

Each room or home is divided into eight areas. Each of these areas corresponds to a type of luck. Placing certain items, or using certain colors, in each of these areas enhances your luck.

1) North (Career)

Colors: Dark blue, black

Elements: Metal, Water

Do you feel stuck in your career? Are you seeking advancement? Try focusing on your desires while decorating the North of your home with black or dark blue. This area benefits from prosperity-themed items as well.

2) North East (Spirituality / Personal Growth)

Colors: Brown, Gold, Pale Yellow

Elements: Earth, Fire

The hectic, frantic world can impede our spiritual growth. Reconnect and find your center by decorating the North East in shades that ground you or promote enlightenment. Buddha, Vishnu or Ganesh are also at home here.

3) East (Family)

Colors: Brown, Light Blue, Light Green

Elements: Earth, Wood, Water

Family often forms the crux of our home life. Consider boosting the luck of all your loved ones by amplifying the East with the colors of nature. Nature-themed decorations echo your intentions — try representations of trees, reeds, or flowers as well. 

4) South East (Wealth and Abundance)

Colors: Green, Brown, and Blue; Red and Gold Accents.

Elements: Wood (Nourished by Water)

Most people don’t want to be materialistic, yet many of us worry about our prosperity. Consider making the South East part of your room light and airy, with splashes of gold and red, to help soothe these worries. Mirrors and fountains work to create an active, lively space.

5) South (Fame and Reputation)

Colors: Red, Purple, with touches of Gold and Brown

Elements: Fire and Wood

To grow your good reputation, decorate the South with carnelian red. That way, you can capture the lively, sparkling element of Fire. This is also a good area to place prosperity-themed furnishings as well.

6) South West (Marriage)

Colors: Red and Purple; Gold and Brown

Elements: Fire and Wood

The practice of Feng Shui fosters harmony and balance. Nowhere is harmony more important than in marriage. To enhance your marriage, carefully choose symbols and colors that indicate peace and trust. Take care to keep your passion alive with warm, Fire tones.  

7) West (Creativity and Children)

Colors: Earth and Metal

Elements: Brown and Green; White and Gray

To spark creativity, capture the energy of children. Use light gray and white for the walls. Try placing items that speak of youthful wisdom and flowing creativity in open spaces. This is the most whimsical portion of your home, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

8) North West (Helpful People)

Colors: Earth and Metal

Elements: Brown and Green; White and Gray

Helpful people make our lives much easier. Attract their attention by using stately, understated colors and furnishings in this area. Consider also hanging wind chimes to gently implore them for blessings.





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