You create your life

April 30, 2018

You’ve doubtlessly heard the saying “you are the creator of your own life.” It sounds nice, but besides making you feel empowered for a few moments, you’ll most likely forget about it in the sea of daily frustrations and distractions – then go back to living a life that may not be ideal. 

I’ve read countless self-improvement books about psychology, spirituality, financial independence, leadership, and more. Despite their different topics, there’s a common thread that runs through many of these books: that our thoughts – the things we focus on – create our life.

We think we owe our circumstances to where we were born, who our parents were, our religion, what university we got accepted into, and so on. We believe that all of these environmental factors dictate where we are now.

But I’d like you to entertain this idea for a moment - that right now, wherever you are in life, it’s because of your thoughts, your beliefs and your repetitive self-talk.

If you were to look deep down inside yourself, you’d see that you’re actually where you believed you would be not too long ago. It’s where you saw yourself. There’s a difference between fleetingly wishing for a better life, and the deep down beliefs we hold about our life.

"To have the life you want to have,

you have to get very clear, exact and detailed

as possible with where you see yourself."

I often ask people, “Are you where you want to be in life?” I’ve rarely had someone say yes. When I ask them where they want to be, they throw out vague ideas such as happy, rich, or successful.

I have them give me specifics. “Happy how?” “Rich in what way?” “Being successful at what?” Surprisingly, they don’t have real, concrete answers, and that’s why they’re where they are.

Most everyone wants a better life, but they don’t take the time to get specific about exactly what that life looks like. They just know that right now, right here is not where they want to be.

To have the life you want to have, you have to get very clear, exact and detailed as possible with where you see yourself.

Where you are today is most likely where you saw yourself 5 years ago - I mean really saw yourself. I can say from experience that where I am, what I’m doing - what my clothing style, diet, and beliefs are - stem from what I saw in my mind a few years back. This manifestation happens without fail every time.

But you don’t have to be limited by your negative self-talk and inner feelings of self-worth. The great thing is that, as you become more aware of this process, the more apparent its effects are on your life. Like improving anything else, it takes effort and practice to become a better master and commander of your life’s direction.

If you want a better life, you have to see it every day in your mind. You have to have a burning desire to have the life you want. It can’t be a passing wish or something you mention to friends once in a blue moon. You have to really see yourself living that life. Not only do you have to see the visuals, but you have to feel the emotions as well. What does this new life feel like?

There’s one important ingredient to this alchemy of life: when you are focusing on what you want, bring in the feeling of gratitude as much as possible while you are visualizing it. Gratitude is a powerful emotion to help you manifest your desires.

Your thoughts are like a tuning fork. Their vibration pulls in those events and experiences that will match their level. Bring in the feeling of gratitude often, and you’ll be surprised at how life brings you experiences that make you feel grateful. Think about how bad your life is and that it won’t get any better - and I assure you the universe will not hesitate to bring you experiences to match those thoughts and feelings.

I’ll be writing more on this subject in the future with even more exercises and specifics, but for now, know this: if you want a better life, you have to get as detailed as you can with what that life looks and feels like, and visualize it as often as you can. First thing in the morning and right before bed are great times to do this exercise.

With enough practice and desire, you can manifest the life that you really want.


Until next time,


Founder, Buddha Cube



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