Handmade Earthwork Mala Prayer Beads

This bracelet may help with:

  • Grounding after anxiety
  • Enhancing meditation practice
  • Renewing your focus
  • Brightening your outlook
  • Inspiring renewed commitment to mindfulness


Every part of your practice should reflect who you are. That’s why many mindfulness practitioners turn to mala beads to enhance their practice. By using them to count off sutras or breaths, you can release your fear of losing count and experience deeper mindfulness. These lovely, handmade mala prayer beads offer a comforting balm during meditation, and are perfect — no matter which part of your journey you’re in.

Item Tips / Information:

The rich, earthy colors of this mala make it particularly effective in grounding meditations. Trying wearing it before and during meditation to clear your mind and approach deeper peace. Whether you use them to count or simply wear them around your neck, they offer a calming energy.

Item Details:

Chain Type: Rope Chain
Material: Ceramic
Size: Adjustable size

Collections: Bracelets