Rose Quartz Tree of Life Chakra Bracelet

This bracelet may help with:

  • Resolving old relationships
  • Promoting self-love
  • Getting back to the roots of your spiritual practice
  • Improving your outlook
  • Brightening dark moods


The reminders of this bracelet are three-fold. The delicate pink quartz — sacred to the goddess of love in many traditions — encourages self-love and inner reflection. It is a stone of gentleness and goodwill. The rainbow of chakra beads reminds you to breathe in and re-center, to physically and mentally unblock your chakras. The tree of life, accented with cherry-blossom pink leaves, inspires you to reconnect with the roots of your spiritual practice. This bracelet is ideal for anyone going through a tough, questioning time — who needs a gentle reminder of their path.

Item Tips / Information

To get the full effect of this bracelet’s restorative power, one should wear it as often as possible. It makes a fairly subtle accent to most outfits. Alternatively, hold it in your palm while meditating to encourage a bloom of self-love.

Item Details

Bracelet Length: Approx 18.8 cm
Bracelet Inner Perimeter: About 16.3 cm
Bracelet Beads Size : Approx 8mm

Shipping: Usually arrives within 12 to 20 days