Green Aventurine Tree of Life Bracelet

This bracelet may help with:

  • Opening new channels of communication
  • Decreasing anxieties about speeches and presentations
  • Increasing efficacy as a communicator
  • Heightening Reiki’s potency
  • Bolstering low self-esteem reserves


Sometimes, like the rolling waves of the ocean, life can batter down our defenses. In those times, many of us turn to meditation and mindfulness as a way to rebuild our inner peace. Green aventurine gently encourages us to recover more quickly. It is a stone that bridges gaps, enlivens our communication, and boosts our ability to commune with our inner selves. The Tree of Life is an ancient Celtic symbol representing harmony with nature and inner peace. If you find yourself coming unmoored, wearing mindfulness reminders can help you along your meditative path.

Item Tips / Information

Green aventurine is a favored stone of gurus, yogis, and communicators. If you find yourself in a teaching or speaking position, aventurine can help you gain perspective on how to speak so your audience will listen. Alternatively, wear it during meditation to increase communication between your inner self and your outer self.

Item Details:

Bracelet Length: Approx 20cm
Bracelet Inner Perimeter: Approx 17.5cm
Bracelet Beads Size : Approx 8mm
Bracelet Weight: Approx 23.4g

Shipping: Usually arrives within 12 to 20 days

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