Wise Owl Lava Bead Meditation Bracelet

This bracelet may help with:

  • Gaining insight into a situation
  • Clarifying intent
  • Releasing negative energy
  • Heightening mindfulness
  • Strengthening resolve


The owl. On soundless wings, it flies through the night. Revered and admired, the owl is seen as a bringer of wisdom and a connection to the peace of night. This richly-colored boho bracelet is accented with a watchful metallic owl charm — as well as grounding black lava beads. Capture the essence of the owl around your wrist to heighten your meditation.

Item Tips / Information:

The owl is revered in many cultures as a knowledge bringer or enlightener. If you find yourself at a spiritual impasse or craving a break-through in knowledge, try wearing this bracelet during meditation or while sleeping to encourage greater understanding.

Item Details:
Metal Type: Zinc Alloy
Material: Stone and Lava Bead

Collections: Bracelets

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