Meditative Bloom Flower Bracelet

This bracelet may help with:

  • Encouraging optimism
  • Picking back up after life has gone off track
  • Appreciating nature
  • Bolstering your resolve
  • Renewing your connection to the earth


Consider the flowers. Despite freezing rain and frost, the blustery winds of autumn, and dry scorching summers, they re-emerge in the spring. They grow slowly, putting out petals. As many practitioners have noted, nothing blooms all year long — so you should not expect yourself to. If you want to incorporate the lessons of flowers into your meditation, this bracelet is for you. Each naturally-colored variation comes with silver flower-shaped spacers, a long engraved metal piece, and a dangling five-petal flower charm. Its length allows you to wear it around your neck, or stack it on your wrist — whichever is most comfortable for you during meditation.

Item Tips / Information

If you often find yourself stuck in artificial spaces, or just can’t reconnect with nature as much as you like, wearing symbols around your wrist or neck is a good way to remind yourself of the world outside. This cheerful flower bracelet makes a great companion during meditation as well.

Bracelet Length: Approx 32 cm 
Bracelet Inner Perimeter: About 17 cm 

Shipping: Usually arrives within 12 to 20 days

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