Dragon’s Spirit Laser-etched Crystal

The Dragon’s Spirit Laser-etched Crystal offers:

  • A detailed, attractive depiction of a Chinese long, or dragon
  • A lovely clear globe that maximizes the dragon’s willpower and promotes mindfulness
  • A spherical shape traditionally associated with cycles of rebirth and death, to help you shed old feelings
  • A compelling conversation piece
  • A powerful symbol of moneymaking prosperity in feng shui 


There are days we should all be more like the dragon. Daring, passionate, and strong, he captures the essence of being a mover in your own life. He accepts every challenge, rises over every obstacle. He embodies quintessential yang, or male, energy. The Dragon’s Soul Laser-etched crystal helps remind you of this power. Invoke his spirit when you are feeling muddled, confused, or directionless. Like the rivers in China he is kin to, the dragon will show you the way.

Information / Tips

The dragon is a very potent symbol that can ease your money anxieties. Place him at eye level in an open space in the wealth area of your room to attract prosperity. Avoid displaying him anywhere cramped or low-energy, like a bathroom, and avoid having more than seven dragons in your home. If placing him in the bedroom, assure he is paired with the Phoenix to balance his intense energies.

Item Details

Material: K9 Crystal
Brand Name: JQJ
Size: 6cm ( 2.4inch )

Shipping: Usually arrives within 12 to 20 days

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