Natural Citrine Quartz Pointed Crystal

The Natural Citrine Quartz Pointed Crystal may help:

  • Ease low spirits
  • Arouse artistic imagination
  • Dispel depression and anxiety
  • Anchor you during uncertainty
  • Manifest your personal emotional desires 


Life on earth is only possible with sunlight. The sun is the greatest symbol of selfless love — it gives heat, light, and energy, and we can give it nothing in return. As one of the few constants in life, it is comforting to keep a reminder of the sun nearby. Citrine was used by the ancient Greeks as a symbol of the sun. It reminds us that, though much of life is uncertain, the sun will rise again. To harness the invigorating power of sunlight, try the Natural Citrine Quartz Pointed Crystal.

Information / Tips

Like the sun, citrine is often an element of Fire. Fire is especially welcome in the South (Fame) area of your home or room. Combined with other symbols, it may increase your reputation. Alternatively, try offering it to the North East (Spirituality) area of your home to reconnect with your higher ideals.

Item Details

Material: Citrine
Size: 15 x 15 x 10cm (6 x 6 x 4")

Shipping: Usually arrives within 12 to 20 days

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