Natural Fluorite Pointed Healing Crystal

The Natural Fluorite Pointed Crystal may help with:

  • Headaches and clenched jaws
  • Negative energy
  • Low spirits caused by rejection
  • Persistent symptoms of mild physical illness
  • Unfocused meditation / preoccupation with money 


Before modern, industrial society, nature provided everything life needed. Now, as we float between bubbles of unreality, it is easy to forget nature’s innate bounty. We scrabble to fulfill our day-to-day needs, and we forget our primordial origins. The Natural Fluorite Pointed Crystal seeks to remind us of the universe’s grace. With ethereal, nature-formed colors and a healing, pointed shape, it is the perfect meditation token to reconnect with your surroundings. 

Information / Tips

Fluorite is the crystal most strongly associated with healing and the removal of negative ions. Place it in any area of your home that requires rejuvenation. Suggested areas include the East (Family) and South West (Marriage) to promote healthy relationships. Alternatively, placement in one’s meditation room may help remove negative energy from that space.

Item Details

Material: Flourite
Size: 7 x 2cm (4 x 0.8")

Shipping: Usually arrives within 12 to 20 days

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