Tigers Eye Egyptian Crystal Pyramid


Native to the hidden forests and frosty peaks of Asia, the lonely tiger is praised for his nobility, strength, and beauty. Like many sacred animals, man has hunted them almost to extinction. Break the cycle of violence by paying homage to tiger in a safer way. The warm, rich tones of Tiger’s Eye echoes its namesake. With the added potency of the pyramid shape, the Tiger’s Eye Egyptian Crystal Pyramid is poised to bring you personal power.

The Tiger’s Eye Egyptian Crystal Pyramid may help:

  • Clarify artistic or personal vision
  • Banish curses or bad energy
  • Balance extreme moods
  • Promote balance and vitality
  • Sharpen perception

Information / Tips

Tiger’s Eye represents the element of Fire. Try harnessing its energy in the North East (Spirituality) part of your home to clarify your inner vision. The South (Fame) area can also benefit from Fire. Finally, as a personal lucky stone, keep it on your person and benefit from its brilliance.

Item Details

Material: Tiger's Eye
Size: 10 x 8 x 6 (4 x 3.2 x 2.4")

Shipping: Usually arrives within 12 to 20 days

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