Obsidian Crystal Sphere

The Obsidian Crystal Sphere offers:

  • Glossy crystal construction
  • Small, convenient, removable stand
  • Impenetrable black color
  • Spherical shape to signify death and rebirth
  • Discreet size to fit any décor 


The night sky is infinitely vast. Even in the darkest places on earth, we barely glimpse a fraction of what the universe has to offer. Entire galaxies swirl in the black, farther away than the human eye can penetrate. Even science has its limits. Use the Black Obsidian Crystal Sphere to reflect on the vastness of what the universe has to offer. Your life is much more than your minor struggles — you are a precious part of the fabric of existence.

Information / Tips

Black can symbolize deep, still waters. Therefore, this sphere is especially welcome in North (Career) and South East (Wealth) areas of your room or home. It is a small but powerful relic to attract good fortune in these locations.

Item Details

Material: Crystal
Brand Name: Xintou
Size: 4cm (1.5")

Shipping: Usually arrives within 12 to 20 days

Collections: Crystals