Colorful Semi-Precious Meditation Mala Beads

This bracelet may assist with:

  • Improving a variety of spiritual maladies
  • Re-energizing meditation
  • Inspiring hope and renewal
  • Clarifying intent and purpose
  • Bolstering resilience


Mala beads are often used in meditation and prayers, with the ornamental tassel  usually symbolizing protection from demonic spirits. This joyous parade of semi-precious stones includes protective agate and orange jade, energizing amethyst, and heavenly lapis lazuli, among others. Dark blue beads form the backdrop for chakra-colored strands of beads to shine. Taken together, this mala is a spiritual celebration of healing crystals. You can wear it to show your dedication to your meditative practice, or actively use it to enhance your journey.

Item Tips / Information

If you’re feeling stuck in your meditations, or that external forces are hampering your ability to focus on spirituality, this bracelet works as a spiritual focal point and protective presence. Wear it before or during meditation. Alternatively, offer it as the centerpiece on your personal altar.

Item Details

Bracelets Bead Size: Approx 6mm
Bracelets Length: Approx 69cm
Bracelets Inner Perimeter: Approx 67.1cm
Natural Stones : Red Agate, Aventurine, Orange Jade,  Amethyst, Tiger Eye, Lazuli, Blue Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli

Shipping: Usually arrives within 12 to 20 days