Frosted Amazonite Buddha Head Mala Beads

This bracelet may help with:

  • Spiritual inspiration
  • Renewal and refreshed clarity of purpose
  • Unblocking meditations
  • Personal ascension
  • Gaining perspective


Clear, running water. The light, frosted colors of this prayer bead mala encourage your spirituality to flow more freely, taking the shape of a running stream and curving around obstacles. Featuring Amazonite, a stone associated with the river, and Buddha-head bead charms, its ethereal beauty beckons you to deepen your meditation. Each strand ends in rainbow Chakra beads to promote healing and restoration.

Item Tips / Information

The 108 beads of the mala are often used by yogis to enhance their meditations. Counting off each bead while you recite a mantra is said to deepen your meditation experience.

Blue stones are associated with spiritual insight and clarity, while earth tones help you ground yourself. This unique mix of materials makes this strand a powerful companion during meditation. It also makes for a wonderful altar accent.

Item Details

Bracelets Bead Size: Approx 6mm
Bracelets Length: Approx 74cm
Bracelets Inner Perimeter: Approx 72.1cm
Natural Stones : Red Agate & Aventurine & Orange Jade & Amethyst & Tiger Eye & Lazuli, Blue Turquoise

Shipping: Usually arrives within 12 to 20 days

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