Moonlight Labradorite & Spectrolite Tree of Life Bracelet

This bracelet may help with:

  • Feeling calmer during day to day activities
  • Ignoring anxiety
  • Bolstering tranquility
  • Brightening negative thoughts
  • Connecting to lunar cycles


For many people, a full moon offers one of the most enchanting, naturally-inspiring opportunities for self-reflection. Soaking in the silver moonlight leaves us refreshed, renewed, and inspired. You can capture some of that feeling with this labradorite and spectrolite Tree of Life bracelet. Each bracelet has labradorite and spectrolite beads, marbled to resemble the face of the full moon. Then, you can choose whether you want a soothing monochromatic bracelet or a dazzling rainbow-colored chakra accent. Both varieties come with a silver Tree of Life charm with gemstone leaves. Wearing it, you can almost feel the moonlight on your skin.

Item Tips / Information

Not sure which bracelet to choose? If you want to restore the natural energy flow of your chakras, the rainbow beads can help. If you’re looking for a bracelet to reduce your anxiety, the moonlit-colored monochromatic one will suit you more. Either way, wearing the bracelet during meditation can enhance your spiritual practice.

Item Details

Gemstones: Laboradite and Spectrolite
Bracelet Length: Approx 19.6 cm ( Elasticity )
Bracelet Inner Perimeter: About 17.1 cm ( Elasticity )

Shipping: Usually arrives within 12 to 20 days