Tiger’s Eye Dragon’s Head Bracelet

This bracelet may help with:

  • Cutting out bad habits
  • Brightening your outlook
  • Manifesting personal and spiritual goals
  • Deepening spiritual practice
  • Renewing your commitment to mindfulness


In Asian spiritual traditions, the dragon is a potent symbol of luck, energy, and manifestation. Often associated with running water, flowing over obstacles, and carving one’s own path, it’s little wonder that the dragon can be found adorning temples, halls and pavilions. His open mouth and bulging eyes are said to keep away negative spirits as well. Conversely, tiger’s eye is used to spark new ideas, gather one’s intent, and to renew one’s commitment to spiritual practice. Working together, the elements of this bracelet can help re-inspire you when stagnation and stress threaten to take hold.

Item Tips / Information

While people in the Western world may associate the dragon with flames and fiery breath, China associates him with their rivers and waterways. In fact, the four major dragons of Chinese spiritual tradition take their names from the four major Chinese rivers. Thus, this bracelet makes a good offering in the inspiration, financial success, or water areas of your home or altar. Alternatively, wear it during meditation to encourage your spirituality to flow.  

Item Details

Bracelet Length: Approx 19cm
Bracelet Inner Perimeter: Approx 16.5cm
Main Stone: Natural Tiger Eye Stone

Shipping: Usually arrives within 12 to 20 days