Mindfulness Mandala Tapestry

This item may help with:

  • Reviving tired energy
  • Revitalizing a space
  • Bolstering resolve
  • Improving meditation
  • Setting aside a corner for meditation


Mandalas are the marriage of sacred geometry and the heavens. With soothing color palettes, striking patterns, and inspiring designs, they often feature prominently in mindful décor or meditation spaces. Now you can harness the meditative power of the mandala with a wall tapestry of your own! Crafted from soft polyester, and with bright, clear designs, each piece can bring holistic calming brightness to your meditative space.

Item Tips / Info:

If you live in a small space, carving out a spot for meditation that vibrates with the right energy can be a challenge. Try using mindfulness-inspired tapestries, cushions, and furnishings to demarcate a special place. It makes meditation more pleasant — and you more likely to stick with it.

Item Details:
Cleaning Type: Hand Wash, Machine Washable
Material: 100% Polyester
Size: 200cm*140cm
Weight: 200g

Collections: Decor Accents