Colorful Mandala-Shaped Meditation Rug

This item may help with:

  • Brightening up a room
  • Incorporating mindful décor
  • Making a small place more suitable for meditation
  • Strengthening resolve
  • Dedicating yourself to mindfulness


Encourage meditation and mindfulness to flow with this colorful, mandala-shaped rug. Each one is bursting with radiant tradition-inspired colors. And with a unique geometric shape, it makes a bold splash in any room. Light and breathable, it can serve as an additional meditation mat. If you want to capture the beauty of mandalas in your own space, this rug is sure to please.

Item Tips / Information:

If you’re in a small spot, using rugs, tapestries, and other mindful furnishings to set aside a special spot to focus can help you create a mini-studio for yourself. Try placing your furnishings along walls or in corners to promote a feeling of security and protection, which can be conducive to deeper meditation practice.

Item Details:

Material: 100% Polyester (non-towel) / Microfiber (towel)
Cleaning Type: Hand Wash, Machine Washable
Size: Radius 150cm (59")

Collections: Decor Accents