Rainbow Chakra Sculpture Light

This item can:

  • Brighten a room’s décor
  • Re-affirm commitment to mindfulness
  • Change color with your moods or goals
  • Provide ambient light during meditation
  • Encourage introspection


Mindfulness in the shape of a lamp. This gorgeous light-sculpture is shaped like a peaceful meditator in a lotus pose. With a click of the remote or a touch of the base, it changes color, each hue taken from the chakras. With a pleasurable glow to light up the evenings or to brighten the room during meditation, this little lamp is a mindful furnishing that also makes a good nightlight.

Item Tips / Information:

If you’re trying to carve out a small, peaceful place for meditation, this lamp can help. Place it on an altar or in your meditation studio. Then, choose which color most matches the energy you want to convey, whether it’s vivid red or soothing blue.

Item Details:
Are Batteries Required: No
Are Bulbs Included: Yes
Wattage: 0-5W
Light Source: LED Bulbs
Power Source: DC
Voltage: 5V
Power Source: 5V USB Cable
Light Color: Chakra Rainbow