Child Buddha Monk Figurine

The Ermakova Child Buddha Monk Figurine features:

  • Clay construction
  • Four distinct, gentle colors
  • Four peaceful poses
  • Charming expressions
  • Compact size perfect for altars 


Being childish and childlike are two different things. The first, childishness, is greedy, selfish, unhelpful, and self-defeating. You forget that others exist. The second is a return to innocence, to laughter, to simpler times. Sometimes, returning to the childlike can bring us clarification on our current situation. Be playful, humble, and grateful, and lighten your heart. The Ermakova Child Buddha Monk Figurine reminds us that even though the Buddha would go on to found Buddhism, he was once a human child.

Information / Tips

While the different colors allow him to adapt to different areas of the home, the Ermakova Child Buddha Monk Figurine’s clay construction makes him a symbol of the earth. Ideally, place him at eye-level in the North West (Helpful People) area to attract others to assist you on your life journey.

Item Details

Material: Purple Clay
Size: Average size is 9 x 7cm(3.5 x 2.7")

Shipping: Usually arrives within 12 to 20 days

Collections: Figurines, The Buddhas