Porcelain Buddha Monk Incense Burner

The Ceramic Porcelain Buddha Monk Incense Burner features:

  • Compact ceramic construction
  • Removable lotus incense-burning tray
  • Three distinct color offerings
  • Classic meditative pose
  • Exquisite detailing of face and hair 


For centuries, incense has been used by many different religions to send messages to the sacred. Incense comes in all scents and colors imaginable, with names like Dragon’s Blood and Wolf’s Heart. For your purposes, a simple vanilla strand will work well. Once lit by the sacred element of Fire, incense produces sweet-smelling smoke. Smoke is then believed to waft the user’s thoughts, cares, and complaints skyward, purging the user of worry and communicating their concerns with the divine. Now, you can harness the sacred power of Fire with the Ermakova Ceramic Porcelain Buddha Monk Incense Burner.

Information / Tips

The use of incense requires the use of Fire. Thus, place this incense burner in the North East (Spirituality) area of your home or room. Incense can then enhance your personal meditations.

Item Details

Material: Ceramic
Size: 12.5 x 7.5cm (5 x 3")

Shipping: Usually arrives within 12 to 20 days

Collections: Figurines