Copper Lucky Toad

This item may help with:

  • Improving attitude towards money
  • Attracting prosperity
  • Cleansing entryways
  • Enhancing mindful décor
  • Serving as a housewarming gift


As you may know, the three-legged toad is a classic symbol of luck-bringing in mainland China. What makes this one special? Besides coming in two different sizes, the large one boasts a rich mosaic of lucky red faux gems. Both are made of an earthy copper, come with the coin in their mouths, and rest on a bed of realistic coins. If you’re looking for a symbol of prosperity, this toad in either size is an excellent choice.

Item Tips / Information:

Make the most of your lucky toad by following a few simple instructions. Make sure to place him in a high-energy spot like a living room, at around eye-level. Ensure he’s facing towards the center of the room.  Finally, rest him on red paper or with a red ribbon around his neck — the final touch said to “activate” your lucky toad.

Item Details:
Material: Copper and faux gems

Two sizes available

Shipping: Usually arrives within 12 to 20 days