Chinese Medicine Balls (Blue Case)

The Chinese Stress Relief Exercise Balls feature:

  • Padded blue case with pavilion stitching
  • Gold-toned clasp to keep them safe
  • Eye-catching, arresting blue color
  • A simple, easy way to enhance meditation
  • Harmonious dragon and phoenix design 


Sometimes it’s hard to meditate. Life draws us in every direction except mindfulness. Thoughts tug at us — worries gnaw. Many people find it easier to meditate when they can keep their body active. That’s why yoga has grown in popularity. For a less demanding experience, try Chinese Stress Relief Exercise Balls. Once you master the simple motion, you’ll be well on your way to mindfulness and tranquility.

Information / Tips

Blue, as an emblem of the element of Water, corresponds to the North (Career), East (Family), and South East (Wealth) areas. Consider placing these Chinese Stress Relief Exercise Balls in any of locations. Use them while standing in these places and focusing on your desires for maximum effect.

Item Details

Material: Metal
Size (ball): 4.8cm (1.8")

Shipping: Usually arrives within 12 to 20 days

Collections: Stress Relief