Natural Stone Chinese Medicine Balls (Wood Case)

The Natural Stone Chinese Relief Exercise Balls feature: 

  • Two frictionless, natural stone balls
  • Wooden carrying case for protection
  • Attractive saffron box lining
  • Secure gold-hued hinges and clasps
  • Inscription reading “Jewel of Health” 


Meditation can take many forms. Some prefer complex yoga poses, while others sit in silence and contemplation. Still, others find peace through walking, matching their steady footsteps to their heartbeat. The Natural Stone Chinese Relief Exercise Balls offer yet another path. By using these traditional tools, you can grow balance, arm strength, peace, and mindfulness.

Information / Tips

The wooden case makes this piece an excellent choice for the South (Fame) and South East (Prosperity) areas. You can use these balls by rotating them in a single hand in these areas as well while meditating upon and visualizing whatever you are hoping to achieve. Alternatively, place and use in your meditation room to foster better meditation, as well as physical peace.

Item Details

Material: Natural Stone
Size (ball): 5cm (2")

Shipping: Usually arrives within 12 to 20 days

Collections: Stress Relief